Friday, August 8, 2008

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Am I an IT Professional?

Information Technology is a broad term with different difinitions depending on one's experiences. Others who are not in the field of IT can easily describe what does it really mean. IT is comprised of many different fields and various skills to be acquired to perform the job of an IT professional.
Four years of struggling to comply the requirements in my bachelor's degree, is not enough that after the completion I am all ready an IT Professional. Practicing this profession should have a profound understandings to get in the right track. At present, I am working in the field of education as a Computer Education Teacher. And now I am wondering if I am really an IT Professional, to think I'm in the teaching Profession. These professions are really different but somehow it is related to each other. And now I ask myself, Am I really an IT Professional?
I think so...
I am a teacher by profession, but I teach about Information Technology. Now, if teaching IT could not be considered as IT professional, then you (our Instructors) are not really an IT Professionals either. So ironic, right? But that's not my point, because even though you're in the field of teaching but you can also do some IT jobs which made you practiced IT Profession. But for me, being an IT Educator can also be an IT Professional. I think nowadays, IT jobs do not only limit on Hardware and software services or being outsourced elsewhere, it also deals with human relations... And that's what a Teacher does. Teaching programming, web page designing, basic concept of databasing, ethical issues in Information Technology with values integration in the subject matter is more than what the IT Professionals do in corporate world. We, IT educators are also doing the same thing in IT manager, system analyst, web page designers etch., because we are also making sample computer programs, web pages, analyze data and etch. in a way to impart our IT skills to our students. The difference is that, we have different clients and different nature of work because they do not check test papers, record grades and evaluate somebody's performance that we teachers do. Another point is, they solve problems with the aid of Information Techonology, teachers also solve problems in Illiteracy by inculcating the client the proper way of utilizing IT Materials and applying its concepts and theory. Now, Am I an IT professional? I believe so...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Module 7

Pre-assessment 1: 84 of 97 86%

Date Taken: July 18, 2008

Pre-assessment 2: 120 of 133 90%
Date Taken: July 18, 2008

Module 6

Pre-assessment 1: 37 of 39 94%
Date Taken: July 18, 2008

Pre-assessment 2: 95 of 106 89%
Date Taken: July 18, 2008
Module 5

Pre-assessment 1: 155/176 88%
Date taken: July 18, 2008

Pre-assessment 2: 153/176 86%
Date taken: July 18, 2008

Module 4
Pre Assessment 1: 46/53 86%
Date Taken: July 18, 2008

Pre-assessment 2: 65/74 86%
Date taken: July 18, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Module 3...

Pre Assessment: 93/103 90%
Date Taken: July 15, 2008

Pre Assessment: 157/184 85%
Date taken: July 15, 2008

Module 2...

Score:83/86 96%
Date taken:July 15, 2008

Module 1...

Part 1
Pre Assessment: 37 of 39 (94%)
Date Taken: July 15, 2008

Part 2
Pre Assessment: 125 of 145 (86%)
Date Taken: July 15, 2008

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